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Shoebox ScanningLike many people you have hundreds or more photos stored in Albums, folders or just piled up in shoe boxes. Most people just don't know how to catalog them or even sit down to cull the valuable photos taken of your kids, pets, your house or holidays taken over decades just passed.

The saddest thing is that you don't sit down look at them as often as you used too.


There is a solution and that's having a DVD slide show created for you by professionals..

This way you can sit down and view them at any time. Even play them on your large screen TV at your next Dinner party or BBQ. Just put into your DVD player and let it auto start, including title page, music, randomized transitions and auto restart as it reaches the end of the Slide Show. That way you, your friends and family can sit back and enjoy.

Remember you can not only put photos onto the DVD slide show but also


35mm Slides (E6 transparencies for the pros)

Both 35mm negatives and middle format negatives

including Plain old JPEG files from any of type of media.


We use commercial grade scanners to create consistent Hi Quality images by a professionally

trained operator.

Each Photo/slide or negative is individually adjusted for Density (lightness and darkness) a

nd color corrected.

You can pause the show at any time and to top it off we supply a CD including all images as a JPEG files in the same sequence of the Slide Show. This will enable you and your family to print high quality photos from them.


Remember all you need to do is supply us with the Photos, negatives, slides or media in order you want them to appear and leave the rest to us.


Funeral service DVD's are given precedent as we understand how important this time is for you.

For pricing simply call us on 02-46551755 or click through to the DVD slide show page.


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Tel: 02 4655 1755


Email: camdenphoto@hotmail.com




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