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Video Transfer

Old reel to reel movie films Super 8/Standard 8/double 8/ from grandpa's wardrobe are not a problem. Also VHS/ VHS-C /HI8 /8mm /hard-drive camera transfers to DVD are one of our key services.


New Services:

  • Umatic video transfers
  • Audio cassettes to CD/DVD
  • Not to forget grand dad's LP records...
  • If you have a damaged video cassette we now have a repair option as well



Video Transfer Camden NSW


Things to note regarding your video tapes;


Video tapes being Magnetic media tend yo degrade in quality over time depending how many times they have been played and the condition of the player. Others factors which include low grade long term effects of magnetic degradation i.e. storing next to old speakers with large magnets or low magnetic fields created by electrical circuitry set up in your home. Also storing videos against and outside wall or in damp areas of your house for years may cause mold to grow inside the tape causing jittery or jerky looking replay.


In other words tapes that are older than 10 years really need to be transferred before any of these possible effects can arise. Not to forget that the VHS and VHS-C cassettes were not an exceptionally good mechanically sound medium for the acetates tapes to be kept in. Some VHS-C tapes can play up when being transferred if you are unlucky. Well having said that that was the best thing invented and available in the 70's and 80's.


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Tel: 02 4655 1755


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